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Kidsafe | Nothing is Everything




Kidsafe Victoria


June 2021

Nothing is Everything

Every year around 150 Australian children are killed by an unintentional and sadly preventable injury. Kidsafe’s latest campaign highlights the world they’re trying to create and reminds everyone of the role they play in ensuring nothing happens to kids. Nothing happens means 68,000 children aren’t admitted to hospital every year due to serious injury. Nothing happens means 5,000 children a year don’t have to live with the lasting impacts from avoidable injuries. Nothing happens means parents never have to deal with a lifetime of sadness and regret. Nothing happens means there’s everything to celebrate.

Founder + Creative Partner: Jim Ritchie

Design Partner + Co-Founder: Tom Hutcheon

Associate Creative Partner: Siobhan Fitzgerald

Creative Associate: Rhiannon Crane

Creative Associate: Chloe Herbert-Smith

Design Associate: Liz Kruchkoff

Director: Lumberfly

Production Company: Airbag Productions

Airbag Producer: Nick Venn

Sound: Front Of House


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  • TV

Kidsafe - Nothing is Everything 45"

Kidsafe - cutdown Keys 10"

Kidsafe - cutdown Driveways 10"

Kidsafe - cutdown Pools 10"

Kidsafe - Child Restraints 10"

Kidsafe - Hot Cars 10"