Epson WorkForce Pro

33" online film

10" Italian TVC Edit

5" Italian TVC Edit


One of the most fun and exciting shoots I’ve ever produced – probably because we blew 12 printers up (in a controlled environment) with a real movie pyrotechnic specialist!

Originally a print campaign with an online static image, we convinced the client to film the printer explosions needed to create the print campaign (with a slow-motion camera), to make additional moving assets to be used for expandable banners and film for the landing page.

The Italian client loved the 33-second online film so much they asked us to make TV commercials for Italy. These are 10 and 5 second cutdowns.

Creative Director: Aaron Hinchion
Director: Martin Klimas
Camera: Weisscam, Munich, Germany
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany
Music: Soundtree
On & Offline: Big Buoy Films, London
Sound: 750mph, London




Epson via Albion London


Online film & TVC